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Fiberglass Products

  1. Double wall Underground Fuel Storage Tanks
  2. Glass Steel Fuel Storage Tanks
  3. Sumps (Tanks / Dispenser)
  4. Chemical Storage Tanks
  5. Oil Water Separators
  6. Scrubbers
  7. Pipes & Fittings
  8. Lining/Coating
  9. Ladders
  10. Cable Trays / Ladders
  11. Gratings
  12. Handrails
  13. Platforms
  14. Manhole Covers
  15. Sheets and Sandwich Panels
  16. On-Site Repairs
  17. Research & Development
  18. Miscellaneous Products

    Advantages of FRP

  • FRP is light in weight and helps in cutting expenses on labour and installation. FRP increases construction speed that further reduces environmental impacts.
  • Fiberglass composite materials are not just durable; they also have high strength as compared to traditional materials. Users can expect less material usage to attain better or similar performance compared to conventional materials, which result in lessened resource use as well as waste production.
  • FRP has great potential in further maximizing the longevity of existing as well as new and structures that can resist the harsh effects of weathering, degradation, and aging in severe environments.
  • FRP composite materials are extremely resistant to corrosion and rot. Besides these, they present a longer and yet more efficient service life. FRP based products hardly require an energy-intensive replacement nor much maintenance.

    Benefits of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

  • Chemical / Corrosion Resistant – Unlike carbon steel, aluminum, and concrete or other conventional materials FRP will not corrode and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Fire Resistance – FRP products have excellent fire resistance properties. Three of the resins available in FRP Grating meet Class 1 flame spread ratings of 30 or less.
  • No Maintenance – FRP products will not rust, corrode or fade and therefore do not require painting, sandblasting or replacing
  • Non-Skid – FRP flooring products have a range of different anti–skid profiles not limited to embedded grip, post-cure grit, concave, chequered plate
  • Thermally / Electrically Non-Conductive – FRP products is a great insulator with low thermal conductivity. Unlike steel and aluminum, which conduct heat, FRP products maintain a constant temperature
  • Resistant to Impact – Fiberglass does not break or permanently deform with impact
  • Weight – FRP products weight is equivalent to 2/3 of aluminum and only ¼ of steel.
  • Variety – Since fiber reinforced molded polymer have molded components, colors can be mixed through the part directly
  • Installation – FRP products do not require any welding or heavy engineering for installation. Because of the ease and speed of installation, the lack of maintenance required and durability, it is a cost effective alternative
  • Nil Ignition Source – FRP products are ideally suited for those installations where combustible gases / fuel sources may be found. FRP is completely non-sparking

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